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€1m network investment for AirSpeed Telecom*

AirSpeed Telecom customers are set to benefit from a new €1 million network investment in the company’s core nodes, internet service provider gateways and a new state-of-the-art voice platform. The three-pronged investment includes the following:


New core network

Our new and expanded MPLS core can now provide up to 200 Gbit/s of switch capacity per core node, and redundant fibre rings ensure high availability in our core. We’re excited to standardise fully on the Nokia SR platform: the single-vendor deployment means better efficiency both during the build and as we manage our growing network resources. This core investment is a huge step up for us, since we’ve gone from a single 10G ring to the capability to build multiple 10G rings as demand grows. We’ve seen continuous upward trend in bandwidth requirements from AirSpeed Telecom business customers: organisations who once found 100 Mbps more than sufficient are now moving to or planning for 1 Gbps, and the growth continues. We’re confident of meeting and staying ahead of that growth with our new expanded core.


New ISP Routers

Additionally, we’ve invested in dual ISP gateways, again based on Nokia technology. These gateways are our interfaces to our Tier 1 Internet Service Providers and are a vital investment as Internet traffic among our business customers continues to soar. The Nokia 7750 SR series which we’ve installed delivers high-performance routing in a fully protected configuration, deployed across diverse data centres to safeguard service continuity. We’re happy to offer this significantly increased capacity – the technology scales up to an overall system capacity of 2 Tbps – to cater for current and future customer demand.


New core voice switches

We are seeing a clear increase in demand for voice over IP services as organisations move away from high-cost legacy voice lines to phone services delivered via their data connections. With that in mind we’ve invested in a brand-new carrier voice switching platform based on Ribbon technology (previously GENBAND). The new platform is a major upgrade of our VoIP capability, providing SIP-PBX access trunking as well as SIP interconnect trunking. Again, this deployment is across multiple data centres, to create a fully geo-redundant, high-availability voice system. The investment enables AirSpeed Telecom customers to access a complete range of next-generation voice services and features based on IP, including high-quality incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail, unified communications functionality, instant messaging and presence. Find out more about making the switch to voice over IP services here.

Do you have questions about AirSpeed Telecom’s network capacity or voice services? Contact us at (+3531) 428 7500 or email

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